We’re Still Here

We’re Still Here is a documentary project that revisits those who surrounded my brother when he passed away after committing suicide three years ago. It’s a difficult topic to discuss and effectuate but I believe the overall outcome is worth the effort.

Not only did I want to represent his friends and family, but myself, too. Looking back at my journey through bereavement and to discover how far I’ve come both personally and photographically.

The passing itself happened during my time in college. Since then, I’ve used photography as a medium to place my life in perspective; through the lens. Some people tend to express using pen and paper but I choose paper and print.

The project itself supports the charity Survivors of Bereavement of Suicide. This selfless cause supports those who’ve suffered a loss and are still here today. The charity supported my family and I greatly at our time of loss and distress. By simply having someone to talk to I was able to convey my feelings. Now I want to reveal those deep-seated thoughts and experiences through a more digital approach. This project will therefore have an extremely personal notion of expression attached to its representation.

The photographs represent collectiveness amongst individuals. All of the persons photographed share the same grief. Their togetherness portrays a community presence.

Bereaving is a difficult subject and I hope that this series of photographs will represent individuals in similar circumstances. The message is that they’re not alone and never will be. It’s important to appeal that there are survivors still here.