Trouble Town

Trouble Town was created as a photographic investigation aiming to explore and unearth the reasons why the North East incurs the highest amount of alcohol related deaths in the country. Statistics have rarely seen any change over the past decade and there's not been much funding put into helping local charities support the high demand of those suffering with addiction or though that abuse of alcohol.

Through photographing the people immersed within the cities nightlife, whilst also immersed within it myself photographing inebriated, the intentions of the photo-series is to help more people understand the problems associated with the cities overconsumption of alcohol; influenced by the regions flourishing nightlife and the sale of cheap alcohol.

The images from the project aim to raise awareness of the North East's troublesome statistics and through photographing from an informed, informal perspective this may make the viewer connect more with the images in order to help reflect on their own relationship with alcohol.