Queens at Home

Drag today is more popular than ever, hitting the mainstream through television shows and major advertising campaigns. It is said we are in the middle of an exciting gender revolution and drag plays a huge part in this. From academics and broadcasters to Twitter users and your taxi driver, conversations around gender and identity politics are big news, and across the world more LGBTQ+ people are experimenting with drag in its various forms, using the space it provides to play with gender, performance and identity. 

Shot away from the bars, clubs and stages they’re most often associated with, these portraits go ‘behind-the-scenes’ and capture drag performers in the spaces most familiar to them: their homes. A home is another extension of a person’s identity, and I wanted to juxtapose the carefully crafted drag alter ego with the day-to-day identity of their creator, in effect marrying the two personas and giving a full and layered picture of each sitter’s identity.