Making Bacon

Making Bacon is an ongoing body of work made in Caerau and Ely, Cardiff. The work responds to a popular narrative peddled by the press about the residents of Ely.

In an article published by the BBC in 2005, councillor Susan Goddard observed that “the press seems to like slagging off Ely”. Other articles consistently tar the area’s reputation by referencing Ely’s rate of unemployment, business closures, and the bread and milk riots of ’91. Very little of the journalism that exists around Ely is positive, nor does it scratch beneath the surface of its exterior.

The objective of the work is to offer an alternative narrative, one whose focal point is themes of individual expressions of identity. Most photographs from the project were made at the Highfields Inn – the last pub within the boundaries of Ely that isn’t a membership or social club and consequently hosts residents from all kinds of backgrounds.