Adolescent Petals

When I think of my adolescence, I think of climbing over fences, getting beaten up, beating people up, watching porn with mates, walking for hours to explore an abandoned house, getting chased by the police and getting away. I think about all those long nights coming home at 3am and my mum being sad because she knew what I was doing. Drinking stupid amounts of rubicon until my tongue was orange. Holding my finger over the date on the child travelcard so we could get countless night buses around the city. All those hours writing the same four letters over and over. Moshing to my mates bands in the backroom of pubs. I remember my mum crying in the dock as I got sent to prison and all my friends waiting outside the courtroom. Stealing ink so we could stick n’ poke stupid shit on each other. Getting head on the tube home. Looking at pictures of friends that are now just strangers. Just not giving a fuck about what people thought of me. Buying my first pair of 90’s and ruining them.