Yellow Pages

Like most photography, this project was a happy accident. I stumbled across a beautifully lit telephone box at night in my neighborhood in Bristol. I was shocked to realise that I had gone over 15 years without noticing a single one of these objects (that are everywhere in the urban landscape). In the daytime telephone boxes fade into the background and are obsolete, but by night, as if my magic, they become almost romantic spaces, which can tell so much about the spaces they inhabit. After shooting a few of these telephone boxes the project progressed into a study of the socio-economic landscape of Bristol. I began shooting the phone boxes in different demographic areas to see whether they reflected the economic status of the area they existed in. Often they did. I couldn’t stop noticing them once I had started this project. I soon became besotted with them and was compelled to preserve these spaces. They represent to me a time gone by and show how quickly society has moved into the digital age. I named the project Yellow Pages as this too represents a redundant service, but also evokes a strong sense of nostalgia.