Where Lands and Oceans Meet

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My grandfather asked me about the relationship between the dirt track that we had just left and the area of grass surrounding it and about the clouds floating within the sky above.

Where were the edges?

Where did one thing stop and another start?

I remember feeling that the world was a far less certain place than I once thought.

For “where lands and oceans meet“, I photograph close friends and family in domestic and natural environments while focusing on strangers in larger social and physical spaces. Through this investigation of private and public identities and the roles and precautions observed within each, I hope to describe the relationship between man and his environment. This relationship is simultaneously defined by subjectivities; emotions and how we choose to arrange our own living spaces and larger exterior entities, familial histories or the organization of your own city.

Our relationship to that which is around us is very much defined by dispositions.

These dispositions ring true and deep, whether it be a sense of discomfort associated with a burned house or the certainty of death that is coupled with wrinkles and grey hair.

The same experience is characterized by familiarity. Suburbia and bedrooms ground the uneasiness that parallels the prospect of outside forces; a fire or a death. Larger forces, the impact of city planning or the lack thereof, for example, informs the individual. However the line between these forces; the familiar and unfamiliar, the private and public, the personal and the cultural, is hard to identify.

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