Venezuela, la Invisible

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Venezuela la Invisible is a series of photographs giving a perspective into Venezuela amongst its current crisis, as a rise in an already high crime rate has now deemed Caracas the world's most deadly city. Amidst this critical period there remains a sense of resilience amongst the nation. Through this series of images, I hope to create a portrayal of how I saw the country. Living closely with Venezuelan people I experienced a real sense of uncertainty about the future of the nation, which only adds to the palpable sense of unease that seems to grow in Caracas.

I shot the series with a combination of film and digital, the primary motive to use film was to deter theft in the capital as the political unrest and staggering hyperinflation has left the country in desperation. Therefore it inherently shows a contrast between the contradicting sides of Venezuela. How can a nation blessed with the largest proven oil reserves, great biodiversity and rich agriculture fall into poverty and hunger whilst the rest of the world turns its head and looks the other way?

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