Top TRIPs 2014

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From Piotr Pytel’s black and white study of a Muay Thai Boxing club in Wroclaw, to Patrick Welde’s photographs of Strasbourg girls laid bare, since the birth of TRIP in August 2013, we’ve set about bringing you the best in contemporary photography, fashion and culture, from some of the finest image-makers in the world.

As we bow out of 2014, in what was TRIP's first full year, we take another look at 20 of our favourite features, interviews and shoots that we’ve published both online and in print over the last 12 months.

Click through the respective links to immerse yourself in new worlds.

Disposable Camera Project
In early January we sent 21 image-makers from across the UK, Canada, Mexico and the U.S. a disposable camera. We set no parameters or guidelines and instead asked them to show us the world through their eyes.
(Click here to see the results)

Home Turf
Football culture and it's associated aspirations form the focus of Jamie E. Murray’s on-going photo series, Home Turf.
(Click here to Murray's original feature, as seen in TRIP Mag #2)

The Barber’s Customers
Johan Peter Jonsson captures Newport’s working class men post-haircut.
(Click here to see Jonsson's original feature)

Love Me True
Clementine Schneidermann photographs ‘The Elvies’ – Porthcawl’s annual Elvis festival.
(Click here to see Schneidermann's original feature)

Ð☺ η◎⊥ Ḏ℮ł℮⊥ε
We asked Cactus Gallery's Joe Orr to curate our first online exhibition. His prompt was simple; to send him the last photograph you took using your mobile phone - no limits. The outcome highlights a societal fascination for the documentation of the mundane, whether it's through the autonomous recording of life's unusual occurrences or a mass self(ie) appreciation - one thing is clear - we are a generation obsessed with the immediacy of cloud-based image sharing, and the results, when viewed away from these platforms, are surprisingly fascinating.
(Click here to see the results)

Ember Small photographs Woodside, Queens for our on-going exclusive series.
(Click here to see the full editorial)

Katie Shaw's Boyhood series, a collection of shoots inspired by, and at times featuring her younger brothers, capture the evolution of male adolescence from care-free school boys to teenagers on the brink of maturity.
(Click here to read Shaw's interview)

Heather Iris Galt-Mcloughlin asked 21 volunteers to respond to her photographs of working-class council estates with a piece of writing.
(Click here to read the results)

Youth In Revolt
Art-trio, Gorsad captured Ukraine’s rebellious youth for our third (and first print) issue, in which we celebrated the male bravado and contemporary 'LAD' culture.
(Click here to see more)

In Shining Armour
Roxanne Farahmand & Hannah Fincham explore social tribes and the evolution of man, macho and the male bravado at the Annual Modified Carshow in Petersborough.
(Click here to see the girl's original feature, as seen in TRIP Mag #3)

Between Places
Matt MacPake photographs his new neighbours as he transitions from one home to another.
(Click here to see MacPake's original feature, as seen in TRIP Mag #3)

Nowhere To Hide
Inspired by the ever-growing loss of privacy in the digital age, Lauren Farrell photographed Lee Clifton as a part of our on-going exclusive series.
(Click here to see the full editorial)

The Kids Are All Right
Curated by TRIP's Dean Davies for Oranbeg Press, Contemporary Youth showcases the photographic talents of 28 international and emerging image makers who have harmoniously documented the formative years of adolescence and early adulthood. Celebrating mischief, experimentation and identity formulation, the show captures the inherent optimism yet simmering frailty of our younger generations.
(Click here to see the results)

Emma Gruner
The french-born photographer’s hyper-sexualised self-portraits challenge the cultural construction of idealised femininity.
(Click here to read Gruner's interview)

Catherine, Charlotte & Millie
Double Denim. Pink on Pink. John-Lloyd Quayle & Dean Davies' hometown shoot fronted our fourth (and second print) issue, Girl Culture, in which we paid homage to the young women of today.
(Click here to see the full editorial)

West Coast
London photographers, Hannah Abel-Hirsch & Scarlet Evans’ travelled along America's West coast throughout the summer on an all-girl road trip.
(Click here to see the girl's original feature, as seen in TRIP Mag #4)

Amelia & Marni-Lee
Dean Davies shot iPhone wielding, Adidas-clad Northern sisters, Amelia & Marni-Lee for our fourth issue.
(Click here to see the results)

Three of Us
Maria Papadopoulos reveals the isolated world of Michaela, the youngest sister of three.
(Click here to see Papadopoulos' original feature)

Photographing her best friends and muses against the breath-taking backdrop of California, Natalie Yang’s imagined reality lays within the peripheral of fantasy and the real world, her intimate portraits the tangible bridge in-between.
(Click here to read Yang's interview)

Jamaica Mi Crazy
Steffy Pocket's Jamaica Mi Crazy takes the viewer through the tropical ghetto paradise in the fabulous streets of Spanish Town, the former capital of Jamaica with the highest crime rate in the country.
(Click here to see Pocket's original feature)