Top TRIPs 2017

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The Knot
Photographer Danielle Madeley explores a tumultuous relationship with community in the county of Staffordshire.
(Click here to see Madeley's original feature)

Glasgow Fashion Week
Visual artist, Trackie McLeod’s candid look at Glasgow’s party people.
(Click here to see McLeod's original feature)

Sex Site
Exploring the Internet’s impact on Britain’s “alternative” sexual lifestyles with photographer, Joshua T Gibbons.
(Click here to see Gibbons' original feature)

Burbs Babes
Photographer, BrothTarn's on-going portrait series captures females wearing Burberry.
(Click here to see BrothTarn's original feature)

Emma Williams
Emma Williams’ all-seeing lens captures everyday London.
(Click here to see Williams' original feature)

Yellow Pages
Photographer Louis Higgins captures the night-time allure of public telephone boxes in the city of Bristol.
(Click here to see Higgins' original feature)

The Undercroft
A new book by photographer, Ryan Munday captures the skaters and brutalist architecture of Southbank Centre’s ‘Undercroft’.
(Click here to see Munday's original feature)

Behind The Scenes
“The concentration of sexual fluids is more powerful than oxygen” – behind the scenes at a Chinese nightclub by Ukrainian photographer, Sergey Melnitchenko.
(Click here to see Melnitchenko's original feature)

Photographer Connor Egan explores diversity of gender identity in a series of portraits of transgender, agender, genderfluid and non-binary youth.
(Click here to see Egan's original feature)

Photographer Jack Fleming explores masculine stereotypes and identity in Whitehawk, Brighton.
(Click here to see Fleming's original feature)

From Farm Boys To City Kids
Photographer Finnegan Travers documents friendship in a series of intimate portraits shot between Devon and London.
(Click here to see Travers' original feature)

Through The Stations
Gabriela Gleizer explores Jerusalem’s cultural and religious diversity in a series of portraits shot between stations of The Light Train.
(Click here to see Gleizer's original feature)

99 Peace Walls
Josh Adam Jones’ ongoing photo series depicts Belfast, Northern Ireland’s Irish communities.
(Click here to see Jones' original feature)

In Brutal Presence
Documentary photographer, Nicola Muirhead captures the residents of Trellick Tower – a social housing estate in London’s wealthiest borough.
(Click here to see Muirhead's original feature)

Kiev photographer, Nazar Furyk’s ongoing series captures the hedonistic youth of Ukraine’s provinces.
(Click here to see Furyk's original feature)