Top TRIPs 2016

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In Danger, Not Dangerous
Photographer Alex Kurunis captures a community of Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian families seeking refuge on the island of Kos.
(Click here to see Kurunis' original feature)

…And Still Rolling With The Times
Photographer Gray Brame & Wavey Garms’ Andres Branco join forces for an editorial inspired by London’s working class males in the early 2000s.
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Merthyr Rising
Photographer, Tom Johnson and stylist, Charlotte James combine high fashion and small-town faces in a series shot in former Welsh mining town, Merthyr Tydfil. In January, James shared a selection of her favourite photographs from the series, and told us more about the Merthyr residents who star in it.
(Click here to see Johnson and James' original feature)

Photographer Callum Painter captures a Norwich sports centre-turned-skate park before its demolition.
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Pain Is Temporary, Pride Is Forever
Clark Warburton challenges the stereotypical image of the travelling community in a series of intimate portraits shot at home.
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Gonna Miss U
Photographer, Andre Titcombe and stylist, Harley Graham channel last day of school rituals in a fashion editorial shot in the London borough of Hounslow’s Feltham Park.
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Someone's Rubbish
Photographer and creative consultant, Chloe Juno documents discarded litter on the streets, parks and alleyways of Brighton, exploring the life experience of strangers in the detritus they leave behind. In early June, we took a closer look at her most fascinating finds.
(Click here to see Juno's original feature)

Saddleworth is a cluster of villages and hamlets hidden away in the Pennines between the Yorkshire and Lancashire borders. In 1974 the Local Government Act of 72 abolished the Urban District of Saddleworth and the West Riding County Council and created the new Metropolitan Borough of Oldham. Saddleworth now found itself in Lancashire. A stone's throw from Manchester and Leeds, it's now near the heart of the ‘Northern Powerhouse’.
A collaboration between TRIP and George and Jack Springthorpe, Saddleworth, our second exclusive zine explores how the boundary changes have affected this unique area, its people and where they stand today, on the brink of what could be an important time for the North.
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For The Good Turf
James McCourt photographs the Garden of Hope – an urban farm situated within a housing estate in West Belfast providing a family community with a sense of pride and purpose.
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A Game Of Two Halves
‘You hope, you pray, you believe and you dream’. Photographer Liam Hart explores contemporary British football culture in his first photobook.
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Boys Of Summer
Photographer Rory Griffin documents male youth in a series of photographs shot in Croxley, Rickmansworth and at raves and festivals throughout the British summer.
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Substance abuse, fast food, inadequate sleep, casual sexual encounters, depression, self-hatred, social confusion and unhealthy behaviours – photographer Liv Girling captures the extreme highs and inevitable lows of a contemporary adolescent lifestyle.
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Essex Girl
Photographer and film-maker, Nicola Collins captures the women of Essex in the third of TRIP's exclusive zines, Essex Girl.
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Queenstown: The Last 7
Stephen Shaw’s photographs of the last inhabitants of a Blackpool high-rise reveal how decreased social mobility can cause deprivation and isolation.
(Click here to see Shaw's original feature)

The Real Housewives of Newtown
Intimate portraits of performers from Newtown’s queer performance scene by Sydney-based photographer, Joshua Bentley.
(Click here to see Bentley's original feature)

Photographer Tori Ferenc captures the children of a North East London, Jewish community during the festival of Purim.
(Click here to see Ferenc's original feature)

An African Odyssey
Photographer Alexander Mourant captures ever-shifting cultural and geopolitical landscapes in Africa, from Cairo to Cape Town.
(Click here to see Mourant's original feature)

15 Was A Good Age
A portrait of male adolescence: Dublin photographer, Paul Wheatley documents his friends’ transition from youth to adulthood.
(Click here to see Wheatley's original feature)

Knuckles That Have Never Been Cracked
Ollie Radford’s serene photographs of boys on the cusp of manhood challenge misconceptions of male adolescence.
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