Top TRIPs 2015

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The Car Wash
Bristol carwashes and their predominantly Polish workforce photographed by Chloe Massey.
(Click here to see Massey's original feature)

Speed Ramp
Photographer, Bex Day and Stylists, Kylie Griffiths and Connie Chamberlayne shot bikers, Dean McNamara and Mick “Monsta” Wood at London’s Ace Café.
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Fly-on-the-wall photographs from Gabber dance floors by Italian photographer, Anna Adamo.
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The youth of North East London town, Walthamstow photographed by Ronan Mckenzie.
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Dines Green
Stephen Burke photographed Worcester suburb, Dines Green before it underwent a multi-million pound redevelopment.
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Robbie & Ethan
Jodie Cox's photographs of school kids, Robbie and Ethan fronted our fifth (and third print) issue, Youth.
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Salford Shopping City
Lucie Crewdson and Dean Davies shot Manchester youth at Salford’s renowned shopping precinct for TRIP's fifth issue.
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Growing Up
Californian photographer, Natalie Yang documents the trajectory from adolescence to adulthood in an intimate portrait series featuring her friends and peers.
(Click here to see the Yang's original feature, as seen in TRIP Issue 5)

“And that’s the truth.” - A portrait of Irish Travellers by New York photographer, Ciara Crocker.
(Click here to see the Crocker's original feature)

I Will Never Grow So Old Again
Sun-kissed summer excursions by London photographer, Rosalind Duguid.
(Click here to see the Duguid's original feature, as seen in TRIP Issue 5)

Be Still, My Heart
Marta Giaccone’s intimate portraits of South Wales’ teen mothers.
(Click here to see Giaccone's original feature)

In Bloom
Jodie Elliott’s on-going series captures men in their early twenties; a time of transition and uncertainty.
(Click here to see Elliott's original feature)

What You On?
William Spooner’s intimate portraits of kids coming of age at 16+ parties in disused London spaces.
(Click here to see Spooner's original feature)

Schwarzenegger Is My Idol
Sergey Melnitchenko photographed young athletes from Nikolaev, Ukraine as they pushed towards their physical goals to be the best in their sporting fields.
(Click here to see Melnitchenko's original feature)

Slavik’s Fashion
Ukrainian photographer, Yurko Dyachyshyn spent 3 years photographing Lviv’s most fashionable homeless.
(Click here to see Dyachyshyn's original feature)

Cherry Orchard
Jessica Heale photographed the Cherry Orchard Equine, Education and Training Centre – set up in 2003 to tackle issues of employment, education and training in the Dublin suburbs.
(Click here to see Heale's original feature)

Leathered Skins, Unchained Hearts
Paul Shiakallis photographed the female metal heads of Botswana.
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Photographer, Juan José Ortiz photographed the East London suburb of Dagenham for the first of TRIP's exclusive zines.
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Norwegian photographer, Kristine Wathne photographed men she met online in a series exploring fashion, fascinations and fetishism.
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Lewisham Young Riders
Chloe Greeves photographed off road motorcyclists from the Young Lewisham Project at the Docklands Riders training centre in Newham, London.
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