Thus, They Bloom

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Thus, They Bloom is a collection of staged narratives, created with the intention of exploring ways in which sentimentality as a theme, manifests itself within the modern age. Drawing upon inspiration from observed scenes, Cinema & the works of the Caravaggisti (followers of Caravaggio), Thus, They Bloom serves as a intimate panoramic view of modern city inhabitants, with its roots firmly based within the past.

The stories told within the series, vary in regards to age, race, social standing, sexual orientation, occupation and gender but are all bound by the theme of sentimentality. Some scenes depict people inflicted by it, whilst others show those enamoured with it or even empowered by it. Rumination, isolation, humour and sexuality also make themselves present within the series, serving as the channels through which many of the stories can be told by, honestly and uncensored. In addition, elements of social commentary were implemented within a number of the stories, as to immortalise and celebrate both the technologically and socially advanced age in which we live in.

The characters and compositions were created and planned with the aim of presenting a sense of modernity to the tradition of tableaux imagery (still within the spirit and tradition created by the Caravaggisti, as well as others) as opposed to just copying or reproducing works directly. Many of those who sat for the images, had no formal experience doing so, and the others, only as life or artists models. Using real, everyday people was integral in communicating a rawer and hopefully, more relatable narrative to audiences.

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