The Kids Are Alright

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The Kids Are Alright is an upcoming book capturing youth culture across America.

My goal for this project was to photograph the millennial generation and their coming of age. I believe the youth are hyper aware of the situation our world is currently in and many often seek escapes from their reality. I'm there to photograph every moment of it. These pictures tell a story of open inhibitions and the comfort that can be taken in what is considered taboo. I don't think the exact definition of 'what youth culture is' matters; what is most important is why youth culture matters. As a photographer, "why?", is always on my mind. 'Why will this picture be significant 20 years from now?'. 'Why will people look at this?'. 'Why will people care?'. These pictures capture such unseemly tender moments in young adults lives that many wouldn't even consider worthwhile, much less tender. A good time and a good moment doesn't get to be seen by everybody. Through my lens I allow others to participate in a youth they may never know and for some, a youth they can reminisce on.

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