The City of The Dead

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The City of The Dead is a project about the so-called, “City of the Dead” - an area covering more than 6 kilometers that is home to the largest Islamic cemeteries in Cairo, Egypt, since 600 A.C.

The City of the Dead is a cemetery, but it is not just a cemetery. It’s a part of a city where, around graves, the living have built their homes and become residents and custodians of the tombs.

1.5 million people live in the City of the Dead and many residents consider themselves lucky. Living in the City of the Dead often means escape from the overwhelming Cairo, where the high cost of adequate houses and the steady and fast growth of the population is generating uncontrolled neighborhoods and hostile places.

The main feature of this place is the co-existence of the living that weep for the deceased and those who stay and live around the tombs.

In the City of the Dead it's life and death, together.

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