Team Rocket!

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For the last month I've been following Pokémon Go players around Austin, TX and snapping pictures of their activities and achievements in their natural habitats: parks and city landmarks. I tried to play the game myself but got distracted by the visual scene, so instead of catching Pokémon, I started capturing Pokémon hunters.

Team Rocket! is a fun project that helps me further my understanding of the role that technology has on culture. I am fascinated by the way this game has engaged locals with otherwise abandoned public settings, previously reserved only for tourists, tired office workers or the homeless. But most importantly I am interested in the shift on the public's perception of technology as a lonely and detached medium. I am greatly amused by people's behavioural patterns as they simultaneously engage with real and virtual environments.

Pokémon Go players gather at all times of the day and vary from single moms with newborn babies to lonely old men wearing safari outfits and small groups of manic teenagers with t-shirts of their preferred Pokémon Go teams.

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