Sustainable Rave: Terraforma 2016

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Villa Arconati, Milan - this was to be the serene setting for Terraforma 2016. With 'experimental & sustainable music festival' in its tagline this weekend was one we had to catch.

Arriving under a brooding sky into the courtyard of Villa Arconati, partiers wait patiently as the rain becomes torrential. Inside waterproofs & beneath windswept umbrellas we walked towards the festival through the Villa’s grounds. Past a few food stalls and a couple of bars the stage lies sodden. Technicalities sorted, we are with music for a few hours before it cuts again. Frustrating of course, but we’re not the ones trying to fix a problem that involves water and cables, so we, along with the crowd wait patiently enjoying the tree covered surrounding and trying to find fifteen cups so we could get another beer.

Not camping is always a decision I don’t like to make for a festival. It all happens in the campsite, that’s where the true soul of the people attending is found. But we returned to the local town of Bollate to find the local people dancing to live bands on the cobbled streets. Finding out what surrounds the festival is also important to us, uncovering the life that lies beyond the ambient grounds of the party.

With music interrupting many of the acts on Saturday and Dub played on Sunday under a glaring morning sun, we focused on the relaxation of this festival. This is a festival with a great message at its heart and the program of acts they fixed for all that attended was eclectic & on point. Thank you team Terraforma for making our weekend so calm & joyous.

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