Schwarzenegger Is My Idol

Schwarzenegger Is My Idol is a story about young guys from Nikolayev (Ukraine) who are united by one thing - their goal to become the best of the best and they will do everything possible to achieve it. The photos show young people who engage in athletics, acrobatics, fitness, and bodybuilding. I asked one of the boys to tell me what role his hobby plays in his life. Here's what he told me: "For me, my sport is what I live for. Daily control and hard work - that leads me to success. Sport disciplines a man, enables him to understand the value of labor, the value of choice. I always wanted to be something more than an ordinary man in the street, more colossal than an ordinary representative of the society, so in my sport I do the best I can, because I want to reach the top".

Why are my models naked in the photos? I think it adds a kind of courage and naturalness. Of course it also looks funny and ironic.