Roslyn Julia

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Most of these photographs were taken on journeys and hikes with my friends. You'll see a lot of gorge and waterfall pictures because I am from Ithaca, New York - which happens to be full of beautiful gorges and forests. Some of the images are included are from my Vacant series, a series in which I document the exterior of abandoned houses to show them now, coexisting with their surroundings and also to provoke a wonder about the memories that happened within these places. Memories that the viewer and I can only guess about. Some would say these structures have fallen victim to "nature taking over", but I don't like to see them in this manner - I see it as nature and what man left behind - coexisting, as it should. I think these pictures show that sometimes man leaves things behind for unknown reasons that another man, may have chosen to fix up and keep. It's all about circumstance and intent.

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