Rickard Aall

Each of these photographs was taken in my home country, Norway, by traveling around and looking. In part I'm interested in telling something about place and time, but even more so in exploring a more universal truth about people and everyday life, and not necessarily through concrete facts and specifics as much as through interpretation and association. The people in the photos are mostly strangers I come across, but whom I rarely exchange many words with and therefore know very little to nothing about. That is partly because of my own shyness, but then I also prefer there to be enough space for the imagination to fill in the blanks. Ultimately though the series is rooted in who I am, where I come from, what I'm concerned with, and therefore has a certain personal implication of meaning.

It's a slow-progressing piece of work that keeps evolving as new ideas materialize. I believe it has the potential of being one of those projects that will keep on going until it just needs to be abandoned, and I won’t really know what to make of it until then.