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America fills me with questions. Some of these are basic curiosities about the place and its people, but the most jarring to me is: "What causes familiarity towards a place you have never been to before?"

Travelling across the United States for the first time it soon became apparent that the visual identity of the place is inherently intertwined with the mythos of the country. We understand this place through cars, half-familiar faces and mountain ranges. As this identity is explored one becomes aware that the nature of this relationship between the place and its aesthetic is cyclical. To photograph it is to simultaneously record and create it. Like the performance of a rock and roll standard the experience has the dual nature of being both vital in its transience and archetypal in its foundations.

"All events are nowadays aimed at the television screen, the cinema screen, the photograph, in order to be translated into a state of things. In this way, however, every action simultaneously loses its historical character and turns into a magic ritual and an endlessly repeatable movement." Vilem Flusser, Towards a Philosophy of Photography.

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