Pearly Whites

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In today’s society people spend thousands of pounds in order to attain their own idea of perfection. Nowadays it is very easy to vocalise our own opinions on other peoples shape, size and features but it is not often that people vocalise their opinion on someone else’s teeth. Teeth are one of the most distinctive features of mankind and can be considered as one of the most important parts of our body, we use them to eat, speak and show emotion. However, although it is more of an unspoken judgment we still find ourselves under the pressure of ‘fixing’ our teeth in order to improve our image. My work often conveys my experiences and thoughts in a more conceptual way than just writing a story.

Pearly Whites is a personal investigation and an experiment into the role teeth have within today’s ever growing vain society. I am interested to see how people will react when being exposed to someone else’s teeth. My teeth have always a played a big role in my life, for a regular 13 year old, going to the dentists would be a semiannual occurrence, for me it was on a weekly basis. Due to the easy access to dental correction today, people feel that it is easy to judge someone’s teeth by accepting that this person can get their teeth ‘fixed’. Growing up with a dead nerve in my front tooth gave me a greater understanding of the difficulties people face and the issues of self-image that can impact someone with bad teeth. By exploiting the history of teeth, other people’s teeth and my own dental history I am welcoming the viewer to judge, and in turn perhaps confirm my own theory of the low self esteem and the identity crisis people could face from the pressures of the judgmental society we live in today.