Par les Champs et Par les Grèves

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"Today, without leaving far behind our fireplace’s corner near which we relinquish our pipes and daydreams to find them almost still warm, without undergoing the heartrending wrench of actual departure, hoisting up our knapsacks, in hobnailed shoes, a sturdy walking stick in hand, breath steaming from our lips, heads full of imaginations, we set forth across fields to sleep in the large canopied beds of inns, to listen to birds under trees after the rain has stopped, and to look at peasant women on Sundays as they leave Mass through the church’s portico in their big white bonnets and their red ample petticoats, and what more? To tan our skins surely and perhaps even get lice?"
- Gustave Flaubert, Par les Champs et Par les Grèves (Voyage en Bretagne)

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