Pain Is Temporary, Pride Is Forever

The travelling community has been a subject of photography for a long time, most recently in Perry Ogden’s 'Pony Kids' and Sophie Green’s 'Gypsy Gold', both of which I am a huge fan. The difference between some photographer’s documentation and mine is that I know the people I photographed, from my best friend’s mother, childhood friend’s children, people I’ve worked with in the past and even just acquaintances.

I knew that doing this project was going to be a struggle as the community prefer to keep a private lifestyle, but in a generation where we are fed ‘Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’ stereotypes by media, I wanted to show a true-to-life study of the travellers I know, a side that is kind, honest, straightforward, funny, and raw. I wanted to capture the broad face of a modern Gypsy and show a contemporary representation. Not all live in caravans, not all marry young and not all skipped school. I took photographs of their possessions, their crown derby sitting on TV cabinet, their stables, rosary beads hanging from their car mirror, their dogs, their tattoo’s and their homes.

The series was photographed just after Christmas, when nothing is going on except real life, no summer horse fairs like Appleby or Kenilworth and no flashy extravaganza. The sensitivity speaks through the photographs.