Those of us who are partial to a kebab after a few pints will know that enjoying the greasy, meat filled flatbread under the beautifully tacky glow of neon lights makes the whole multi sensory experience far more interesting.

Until that point in the night, when a savoury, fatty snack calls, we have spent our evening in dimly lit pubs, bars and even darker clubs. The moment we enter these fast food restaurants, we are met with the bright harsh fluorescent lighting that illuminates everything from the stainless steel flat top cooker and that Coca-Cola fridge in the corner to the other night crawlers, who too appear like deer in headlights. Each reveller will undergo the eye squinting, covering of the face and quick, discreet glance into anything reflective to check their appearance. We take comfort in the fact that we can soon bring our kebab back out onto the streets, where we are most content. Here, we enjoy the late night nibble, gathered with friends once again, under the beautifully tacky glow of the neon lights.