Notting Hill

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Notting Hill Festival is about diversity.

It is about my will to share by showing what words cannot express.

The emotions triggered by a photograph are like a light beam coming through a hole which reflects the picture and captures it onto a support, here the viewer's mind. The light beam's path isn't disturbed by any obstructions such as the understanding of the words 'meaning used to describe the picture. It comes through freely and causes a primary feeling that is lessened, reduced by the process of written materialisation.

I wanted to catch through my lens all the emotions that came to me, as so many rushed awkwardly onto the walls of my heart, pumping my blood in and out so quickly I thought I would die under such life.

I wanted to build up the ecstatic atmosphere as a cube where each of its sides were details, moments I chose to shoot.

Notting Hill Festival is about my opening to the present.

I was really tired and upset on my way to London.

I felt the smothering atmosphere of big cities and the excitement, discouragement of the people at the bus station waiting for the relief of a promised destination.

I felt lost without any landmarks when I stepped out the underground station.

I didn't know what to expect when my friends took me through the crowd, engulfing us like a metallic sea made out of humanity, like a curtain leading to the hidden part of the stage.

Notting Hill Festival is about individuals meeting and creating one single mass altogether.

We all evolve our own way yet we are influenced by each other's way to evolve.

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