Merton Is Me

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In this pursuit for purity, I pumped up the tires on my bike and rode to my childhood friend's house. Nostalgia took a very firm grip of my psyche upon entering adolescence. With no plans for the summer ahead, I decided a righteous way to spend it would be riding bikes with my bredrin.

As I took the photo of the Colliers Wood Tower below, a man walking by questioned my action and called it ugly. I gave him a passive smile and then a look of disdain once he had turned around. He, like many does not see the beauty I see. I look upon The Tower as a monolith of youth, it has served its purpose, it has heard your jeers. I have begun my journey and the tower has seen me off. It holds a piece of me that will die when it falls.

A soldier of the streets, a lover, a poet, a family man, a sword wielder, a gentleman. Our society has forsaken him like countless before him and forever after.

I am Merton..
Merton is Me..

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