Lucid Light

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Lucid Light is an exploration of light’s inherent power in shifting how we perceive the world, particularly internal or private worlds of human connection. Treating light as if it were a transitory element in the frame, this series of photographs delves deeper into how these rays can instantly transform seemingly mundane moments into jolting intimacy between human forms. Through these images, the physical act of touch is not only made visible by light, but rather transformed through its overlay; trickling across a fingertip or spilling onto a sheet.

Split seconds of lucidity coexist with moments defined by luster. Hue, intensity, and direction coalesce into a force powerful enough to change the one thing thought to be under our control: perception. Illumination acts on its own terms, shaping situations and environments regardless of those present. Lucid Light seizes upon those moments, revealing light’s ulterior force peeking through.

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