Longbridge: Some Dreamer’s Dream

For 100 years, Longbridge was the site of the Longbridge Car Factory. Situated on the outskirts of Birmingham, UK, the factory was at one time the largest car plant in the world, employing thousands of people and producing iconic cars such as The Mini.

The factory collapsed in 2005, with the loss of 6,500 jobs. Since then the area has been going through a massive regeneration scheme led by developers St. Modwen. The large factory buildings have been demolished and car production has finished. The site is now home to a retail park, offices and homes, providing new forms of work and production. The project aims to explore the dramatic shift in local identity within Longbridge through the documentation of the new workforce and new products of the area. As well as subtly exploring questions about how the we way live and work in the UK has changed as a result of globalisation, and also examines the homogenisation of places as a result of regeneration.