During the 1960s the British holiday camp experienced a heyday. Since the late 1990s this British institution has suffered a decline as holidaymakers enjoy the increasingly affordable foreign beach holiday. As a result, the spectacle of the holiday village has, in one sense, become a camp parody of itself, and in another sense a diminishing echo of its former glory.

Whilst the painted faces of the Redcoats are committed to your enjoyment there is the awareness that the smiling face is but a clowns face. All the visible effects of the camp are a façade, an artifice, a fabricated otherworld to take you away from your own humdrum existence. In the presence of the holidaymaker the holiday rep becomes animated, the lights sparkle and the music pulses like a heartbeat; as the season draws to a close the camp falls to silence.

Lido is a visual documentation of the Solway Holiday Village (Lido) situated in Silloth, Cumbria. This particular holiday village has been subject to scrutiny over the past few years due to its dismal surroundings and poor reviews. This series is a photographic account that captures the monotony and bizarre artifice of the holiday village.

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