My work often centres around women. I give them a voice by telling their stories through documentary style imagery - portraiture in particular. Yet, to successfully tell this story, it meant I had to do more than just photograph a series of portraits.

In response to the notorious male domination in the music industry, I placed my focus on some of the hard-working female DJ’s and producers who are heavily involved in Bristol’s music scene. I believe it’s incredibly important for everyone to get the rocognition they deserve, so, with their support, I based my project on these inspirational ladies. Together we make the journey to our well-earned place, alongside men, in the creative industries and society.

Along with various admirable female creatives - those who are musically talented and others who are artistically gifted, we collaborated to produce a body of work which celebrates and empowers us women.

Laydj's will be exhibited at an event hosted by Concrete Jungyals, a female creative collective, on March 8th at Hy-Brasil, Bristol as part of celebration for International Women’s Day. A zine will be published to coincide with this event and will include medium format portraits, 35mm and polaroid images, written text and hand drawn illustrations by Laurel Molly Parfitt.