Knuckles That Have Never Been Cracked

Knuckles That Have Never Been Cracked is a body of work studying the in-between state of adolescent boys on the verge of adulthood and at the edge of their environment; it is an insight into the culture, behavior, placement, style and the uniform worn by these people. The work explores a familiarity I seek out within all of my work, a nod to home and the people that adorn it, an outward-looking, indirect exploration of myself. Within the work I am interested in creating portraits of the boys and their surroundings, showing the tough exterior and prominent stature they project when confronted with the camera, pushing the tension between the sitter and the photographer and breaking through it, creating a steamily true image of the subject. I hope to display the boys in a way which they are denied, due to their stereotyping and neglecting from society, in a new and softening light. The work is a movement toward and an attempt at changing outlooks toward a misunderstood culture.