Jaipur Diary

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the garden was a pitch black dust hole
we dropped our bags
and awoke to the marigold chains

the ghost rose in her hands
the half-eaten samosa
piles of sweet ghee balls

the island of the way it goes
piled small secrets behind the walls
partition from the clusterfuck

of clattering engine smoke puffs
and pissing men
and women in saris of crayola colors
and long waves of eye contact
and cows of divinity
and chai clouds
and tiny hills of spices
that I don’t know how to use

the tuk-tuk driver swerved to a stop
bought the birdseed
flicked his wrist with a prayer

the marigold chains
refreshed in the morning
all forgotten from the day before

I met Sunita on my first day in Jaipur. She was refreshing the marigold chain for the puja altar.
The marigold chain.
A cloth is hung to dry by Janu, a color apprentice at Kin Fabrics - one of the longest-running blockprint studios in Rajasthan.
A woman carries vegetables through the market in Johari Bazaar.
Two tourists look unsure as I walk straight toward them taking photos at the City Palace in Jaipur.
An outdoor temple on the sidewalk in Jaipur.
A bag of marigolds at the flower market.
A man rides a scooter through the Pink City of Jaipur.
A tuk-tuk driver makes a chicken delivery.
A boy outside a corner shop just after Holi celebrations wrapped up.
Shortly after yelling at a group of monkeys, Govind poses outside the house in Jaipur.
A woman shows me her magnificent grill at the Amer Fort on the hill above Jaipur city.
Blockprinter Nandkishor leaving Kin Fabrics after a day at work. He’s been working as a printer there for 35 years.
Govind waters the flowers in the garden.
A boy rides a scooter with his father.
The winding-down of Holi celebrations.
Disposed flowers on the ground at the market.
A man stares at me as I attempt to buy a bag of tumeric.
The spice vendor who sold me a bag of tumeric.
A group of school boys in the Pink City, Jaipur.
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