Issue #3


In a celebration of the male bravado and contemporary 'LAD' culture, TRIP Mag #3's LAD Mag pays homage to the young men of today.

Rosaline Shahnavaz, Nathan Pearce, Stephanie Anne Hardy, Etienne Bruce, Heather Iris Galt-Mcloughlin, Anis Ali, Daniel Read, Mat Unsworth, Sam Bush, Ben Gore, Natalie Wardle, Harry Conway, Oliver Baldwin, Niall McManus, Tom Coleman, Tom Palluch, Roxanne Farahmand & Hannah Fincham, Matt Macpake, Jack Ayton, Tammy Mercure, GORSAD, Dean Davies, Daniel Ellison, Gemma Stephens.

Cover - Jack Ayton.

TRIP Mag #3 is no longer available to purchase.