How To String A Sound

In 2012, before I moved to Bristol, I attended an event at Motion. The only act on the line up that I was interested in seeing was the The Bug, but what I found in the second room changed the way I looked at underground music. On that night I experienced a Jah Shaka Sound System session for the first time. Since then I have been fascinated with the Jamaican tradition of building large custom speaker boxes for the purpose of playing Roots Reggae and Dub music and bringing its uplifting message to the masses.

How To String A Sound is a project that explores the world of Sound System culture in Bristol through portraits of the people who have been active in the community since the 1970's. Working with Sound System owners, speaker box builders, singers, deejays and promoters, these images are the start of an on-going series that I plan to continue to work on over the summer and next year.