Grassroots is an exploration of amateur football in the UK. In recent years many teams have folded and the practice is at risk of disappearing due to lack of funding, resulting in diminished opportunities for young boys and girls to have the chance to grow up playing football in their community, a way to escape the freight of cultural, political and social issues.

Grassroots football is a way to release energy and a place where you can feel you belong; a togetherness no matter what your background is, religion, creed, gender, sexuality. It’s a place where they can, in a world where teenagers are asked to grow up so quick, be themselves and be young even if it’s just for those 90 minutes on a football pitch.

This series depicts the struggles and the life of grassroots football and all what it means to those involved, who simply turn out week in week out for the love of the game.

Football is a privilege that everyone should be able to have in life.