We are used to the media representing females in such a way, we feel we have to follow the high standards that are presented to us. I am interested in creating work that questions what it feels like to be a young female in the digital age that we live in. I aim to challenge and highlight the notions of femininity and explore the ideologies that can define being a girl.

I believe girls should have confidence in exactly who they are. Girls can wear however much pink they want, they can go out in the smallest, sexiest clothes and party and they can wear as much make up or fake tan to make them feel good and smile for photos. Girls can also wear no make up and have days with hairy legs and have wardrobes and drawers of rubbish clothes and tack that they can't bare to throw away no matter how cringe worthy!

I want my work to be seen as a celebration of being British female without a care in the world!