Ghost World

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I grew up in a town near a big city. No matter its name, all locations around the capital are roughly equal. Before becoming a large urban centre during the sixties, these cities were small towns, where many people from all over the country came with the idea of working in the capital. Since then these cities have undergone tremendous changes. The population has grown exponentially and most of these cities now hold roughly 100,000 people. They have quality public services, entertainment and a standard of living that is more than remarkable. However, despite development, life seems to have stood still. The important things happen a few miles from here, in the bigger cities; however, in what are now considered the suburbs, no one seems to be aware of life outside. It seems that energy has moved to the big malls around the town leaving it empty, hollow. Everyone seems to be passing, whether to go to the capital to work or to spend the weekend shopping. In the placid suburbs, life goes on, smoothly and a strange sense of ennui and melancholy pervades everything.

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