Former Yugoslavia

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My fascination with post-communist countries is what led me to apply for a position working for three months in Brčko, Bosnia. These photographs were taken in Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia, which were part of former Yugoslavia.

Documenting what I saw whilst I was there, I want the images to serve as an insight into my journey. After three months I had a basic understanding of the various socio-political problems that are present in the three countries. These images are my way of trying to piece it together in my mind.

Communist architecture remains in these countries and is very striking. They are the remnants of an ideology that has become part of a nostalgic feeling for the older generation. Bullet holes adorn the buildings in some places, which leave you feeling uneasy with the thought that the war was going on only 20 years ago.

I met incredible people with extraordinary stories. Each person wants to tell you their accounts of the war, or the frustrations of life today. “We love foreigners, we just hate each other…” laughed a friend. And it is true; everyone I met was incredibly warm, giving and happy for me to take their photograph.

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