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I’m a young German photographer living in Berlin. Even though I’ve now been taking pictures for a long while and have past Helmut Newton’s “the first 10,000 shots are shit” line, I’m still just snapping around. The only difference is that from just doing diary pictures for myself I have an artistic approach now and do some commissioned work also. All pictures you can find on my blog, which is homeland to my work, are snapped spontaneously without having any concept in mind with my analogue compact camera.

These pieces here are random portraits of mostly friends. Since most of them are old, they were probably done with an analogue SLR with a 50mm lens – but I noticed some are done with compact camera. I try to be out as much as possible as I become depressed after two days alone in my room. So I am around with my friends a lot - and when one is sitting in the middle of a mountain of trash or drinking Arak on a bridge or cutting his hair himself in my bathtub or is dressed as ‘Mr. T’ or is sitting in beautiful light I think “walla”, this could be another good picture. I do it as fast and invisible as possible to not ruin the situation. This is how these pieces emerge. In this selection there is just one portrait I asked for from a stranger - he was sitting in such a beautiful light in the canteen of my University that I just went for him to ask if I could take a picture. Unfortunately he looks a little shy.

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