Martin Swarovski

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Curiosity is a gift. A gift which makes you explore the world and throw yourself into new situations all the time. But what if nobody ever gave that gift to you? To me photography is kind of a catalyst for that curiosity. It makes you jump into a world of unlimited stories and moments to catch. So if that is important to you, that diary-style of photography (amongst a few others) will force you to explore. But of course you can also stay at home and take some macro shots of I don’t know what on your own. Interesting.

So how do you bring out these stories? What’s important to me, especially when it comes to the snapshot-diary stuff, is to throw myself into the crowd and probably/hopefully provoke reactions. I am trying to go with the flow, capturing people’s souls incidentally. In my eyes it’s important to be in the middle of a situation, taking your shots as a side-line instead of being that observing photographer on the outside trying to protect his expensive camera from the dirt. For example, we all have that one friend who doesn’t drink at parties, pretending to be having fun, ‘observing the others’. Well, cool, but imagine a party where everybody is observing – interesting, isn’t it?

My aim is to pick out moments of situations which reflect my way of seeing my environment. I mean, there is one situation and a million ways of seeing it. Put ten photographers in a room and they all will (hopefully) take different shots. Like in almost every other field there is no objectivity in photography, just a range of subjective views - and that also means there is no good or bad picture.

Of course you can get better with things like your ability to catch the decisive moment, but with the body of work in general, it is not possible to ‘get better’. It just evolves like opinions evolve. Photography is just your personal visual opinion about your environment.

Technically I take bad pictures all the time but that is not what I care about. What I care about is when I miss a moment, this is what makes me mad. The technically bad shots aren’t a problem. They are just like that butterfly tattoo Charlie Runkle of Californication got done when he was drunk. Really ugly? Sure - but beautiful evidence of a great night? For god’s sake, yes. That is what that diary-style of photography is about.

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