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A friend, a neighbour, a familiar face in the street. Georgetown is an intimate view into the life of South London resident, George.

During a period of my adolescence that saw playing football in the street as a daily ritual, George and I often shared the same space. Frequently we would meet with a simple nod, more frequently a hello, and on occasion George would join in for a kick about.

Georgetown is informed by six years of these impromptu and informal meetings in the street, usually the same one.

"I found a telly once and I carried it up her flat. Alison said I should take it to my flat, so I took it to my flat and then I used to watch it up there."
"He's up there lonely, he's got no one to talk to in his flat, that's why I go and see him."
"Listen to the birds, do a bit of cooking, do a bit of hoovering up and then play music."
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