Located in a small village in Wales, my work looks at domestic life within my given surroundings.

I focus on life within the family home, the complex relationships, the tensions, the routines, the habits. The mundane moments of life we'd rather not remember. I have been working with this theory that the family photography album is a socially constructed ideal, it's a phenomenon that's becoming more apparent with social media. Social media allows us in to see the lives of others, but of course what’s on view is only what they want you to see, there’s a whole other life that goes on behind the screen that we don’t see.

Within the family photography album are these false representations of family life and staged memories. In Familiar I work on creating the real family album, real memories, capturing moments that wouldn't make the family album and celebrating them instead of the false reality we put on display.

We portray ourselves differently to the outside world, at home we lose our inhibitions and the people that surround us see the flaws, the brutally honest version of ourselves, the more honest side of us that we often hide.

The family life, the home life, is not always picture perfect so I started documenting my own home life and my own family to create the most realistic representation of it.

Once I began shooting my family, I realised how strange this whole setup really was. I started to question everything, everyone’s behaviours, their habits, their personality. Everything was exposed.