Existing/In Between

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In our world today we are constantly in motion, going from the A to B. But what about the space in-between? The general understanding of the non-place is that of passing through, not having any relevance or personal connection, just spaces in transit. But to me, it is quite the opposite. Coming from two completely different cultural backgrounds; Malaysia and Germany, my odd hybrid has always resisted a sense of belonging, often questioning my identity and finding no place I truly reside in, except for the non-space. To me it is not just airports and car parks, I see this latency in everything, I find beauty in the non-space and embrace it. The negative space becomes a place of positive potentiality and opportunity, because without the non-space, the space can no longer grow and nurture.

The non-space is a cathartic reflection of self, and through photographing the non-space I see in everyday life and using it as a means to represent existing in-between, I become the voice of it and have therefore created purpose and meaning in the once impersonal. These photographs present the opportunity to solidify the real connection between me and a place that is non-distinct, it is a confirmation, an affirmation that is to others cold and distant, but to me familiar. Because it is a fact that without the non-place I would cease to exist.

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