El Plan: On Thin Air

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El Plan is a rural settlement situated at an altitude of 2600 metres above sea levels in the mountains of Antioquia in Columbia. These kind of settlements are smaller in size than villages and usually their economy is strongly linked with the provision of fresh food to large urban centres.

The peasants in Antioquia have been historically characterised as people who work on their own land, which gives them a good economic status. In peasant society the family tends to be the social circle where people interact the most, this sometimes creates hermetic societies. In El Plan, most of the population comes from this historic peasant culture and although part of them still play traditional tasks, such as growing food and flowers and stock breeding, much of the new generation are inclined to work in services or as employees.

This series of portraits and still life depicts a changing peasant culture and society in which the family and religion still play a role, but where external influences, especially in the younger generation, have created an aesthetic and unique idiosyncrasies.

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