In The Underworld

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Donald Weber's In The Underworld exposes the harsh realities of Russia's criminal underworld, in which large territories are inhabited by Zeks, prison-hardened convicts who distinguish themselves with self-inked tattoos marking their criminal rank. These tattoos differ depending on whether the Zeks were committed for theft, rape or murder.

Zeks follow a code of honour which dictates that their natural lover will be a Natasha, or prostitute.

The Zeks and Natashas are offered power and protection within a tight-knit community and whilst they may lust for wealth and luxury, their way out is shrouded by the temptations of crystal meth and cheap speed, of which an average hit will cost them around £1.30.

They say, 'Life is a prison from which it is sometimes possible to break out. But only temporarily'.

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