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Orr's prompt for 'Do Not Delete' was simple; send him the last photograph you took using your mobile phone - no limits. The outcome highlights a societal fascination for the documentation of the mundane, whether it's through the autonomous recording of life's unusual occurrences or a mass self(ie) appreciation, one thing is clear - we are a generation obsessed with the immediacy of cloud-based image sharing, and the results, when viewed away from these platforms, are surprisingly fascinating.
Olivia Domingos
George Buckfield
Benjamin Bowe-Carter
Denver Davies
Lil Atkinson
Alice Konstam
Claudia Capocci
Adam Jones
Curtly Thomas
Tiril Guttorm
Laura Carey
Clare Merrick
Calum Crawford
Ben Gore
Gayle Lazda
Nathan Pearce
Sophie Perry
Thomas Walker
Adam Lewis-Jacob
Molly Garner
Dean Davies
John-Lloyd Quayle
Matt Rowe
Ben Wardell
Matthew Kent
Rob Davies
Nia Samuel-Johnson
Pandora Hall
Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau
Thomas Goddard
Stephanie Hardy
Samantha Nowell