Dece Day

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Almost exactly a year ago, on May 6th, James "Dece" Rubio passed away at the age of 24. His friends, the Chadie Boys, were devastated. Ever since they have been doing anything and everything in their power to keep his name alive through outlets like graffiti, photo projects, parties, and even got the New York City Astoria skatepark officially named Dece Park.

Their most recent endeavor to celebrate his life and keep his name alive was Dece Day. At 12pm skaters signed up for a full afternoon of competitions. The main obstacle in the competitions was a giant hand made, hand painted, "D" for Dece (as you will see in the series). Skaters, photographers, videographers, and others stood by supporting and cheering on the competitors. Hundreds of New York City youth came out regardless of the forecast of rain. Yet, as if it was meant to be, the sun shone all day!

The event was sponsored by brands like, Nike SB, Only NY, Belief, Canal, Quasi, Mob Grip and Lick. An almost ridiculous amount of prizes were given out to the winners. Prizes like: skate decks, shoes, clothes, and other accessories. Dece's closest friends organized and coordinated every aspect of the day. The people at the event were living it up. Enjoying the company of their peers, drinking, smoking, writing in black books, blasting music, milly rocking, and celebrating Dece. As his mother said, "My boy, Dece was a legend!". The festivities went late into the night. It was an amazing turnout and a humbling event to attend.

This photo series is extremely close to my heart and to the heart of anyone that knew James Rubio.

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