Coming Home

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Coming Home is a series I shot a few years ago during a 3-year period as a squatter in London. Shortly after moving from Budapest I met some guys and we started squatting together. It was a personal choice, looking for adventure in a way, we had some really good times and made good friends. Some places we were able to stay for a couple of months but sometimes no longer than a few weeks or days. All my stuff consisted of a bag of clothes and an old analogue camera. The shortest squat was just one day in Brixton where we got chased out by some guys with hammers and baseball bats on the first morning. We also stayed in some more luxurious places, such as an empty commonwealth building in Kensington with a cinema and working lifts.

The title and the sort of story line came in during scanning and editing when I realized that this was some kind of a journey coming from being so unsettled and having nowhere to call home. How long can you live being ready to pack your stuff and move on at any time?

The series looks almost chronologically at the places where I stayed. The last image is a photo of Marianna with whom I met in a music venue where we both worked, later we moved to Bristol and now share a home along with our two little babies.

For a long time I thought the negatives were lost but finally I found them and have now started to scan them into my computer. I am planning to make a 'zine or some kind of publication from them sometime soon.

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