Clifford Prince King: Jamaica

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Jamaica is said to be the murder capital of the world. On impulse, I booked a flight to the island expecting the worst. Throughout the media, you hear many stories of inner-city violence and harassment from local islanders. However, those speculations didn't appear to be true from my experiences. The people of Jamaica were extremely kind, hospitable and willing to help me with whatever I needed. I didn't feel like I was in any danger at any time.

The islanders are aware of their bad rep, but strive to prove that there is so much beauty and originality in their country. I met a handful of visual artists, musicians and cultivators that are dedicating their lives to showing the world how much creativity and talent is within Jamaica.

Yes, there is poverty and crime in selective areas, but you can say the same about anywhere else. It's unfair to label a country as corrupt and violent without seeing so with your own eyes. It's a great lesson that I'm very grateful to have learned on my journey.

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